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 TERMS & CONDITIONS (Series Departure)

The following Terms & Conditions must be read carefully
Groups Series Departures

Updated March 2019

The purchase of Group Series Departure Tours offered by Amar Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd (“ATTSB”) constitutes a contractual arrangement between you (also referred to in these conditions as “Tour Member”) and ATTSB, and represents your acceptance of ATTSB’s Terms & Conditions as set out herein.

Kindly ensure that you carefully read and understand these conditions prior to booking. You represent and warrant that you are authorized to accept ATTSB’s Terms & Conditions on your behalf and on behalf of all the passengers booked by you and named in your booking. The Terms and Conditions are as follows:-

1. Tour Price Includes

a. Scheduled return Economy Class Flight Air Ticket which is non-refundable/non-reroutable/non-transferable and non-negotiable

b. For Ground Only Packages, Item 1 (a) will not be applicable

c. In general, such Flight Air Ticket excludes Airport Taxes, Fuel Surcharges and other relevant charges imposed by authorities.

d. Where specified in the tour program, the Economy Class Air Ticket may include relevant taxes and fuel surcharges.

e. Accommodation and Meals as specified in the tour program and/or brochures.

f. A child below the age of two (2) years old is classified as an infant and the tour fare will be calculated as 30% of the adult normal market or published fares wherever applicable and imposed by the Airlines. Although 30% is the market norm, certain Airlines may impose higher than 30% which ATTSB will inform Tour Members of accordingly.

2. Tour Price Excludes

a. Tipping, Porterage & Visa Fees, unless specified in the tour program, do not form part of the tour fare and shall be borne separately by the Tour Member. Amar Travel and Tours Sdn Bhd is only acting as an agency to collect these charges and therefore is subjected to the Terms and Conditions of the respective authorities.

3. Accommodation

a. Accommodation is based on twin sharing for adults.

b. Child fare is based on either with or without extra bed in which case the extra bed may be an additional bed or a roll away as determined by the hotel in accordance with their policy which the Tour Member must concur and agree.

c. Child fare is for children aged from 02–11 years of age from the date of departure and will be sharing as a third person in a twin or double bedded room of two (2) adults.

d. Where a child is sharing a room with one (1) adult, such conditions are deemed as the child fare being calculated as an adult rate.

e. In the event the hotel included in the tour program does not have triple room facilities, an extra bed will be provided enabling triple sharing

f. A Single Supplement charge will apply for a Tour Member traveling alone in a group. Where requested by the Tour Member, ATTSB will assist to couple the Tour Member but shall not be responsible in the event that such arrangements are not possible.

g. Where the name of hotel is indicated in the tour program, ATTSB shall endeavor to use its best efforts to secure the specified hotel, unless for reasons of unavailability or security, an alternate hotel with similar standard shall be confirmed. ATTSB shall not be held liable for any change of hotel

4. Extension / Deviation

a. Extension & Deviation from the original flight path or date of travel is subjected to the Airlines Ticket Restrictions, Terms & Conditions and the applicable charges or additional fares.

b. Tour Members are to ensure that such enquiry is made and agreed upon prior to the placement of booking.

c. In the event that the tour booking is made and deposits been paid, the cancellation of the Tour Booking resulting from the failure or agreement to Extend or Deviate shall be subject to the Terms & Conditions hereinafter stipulated.

d. Any extension and / or deviation at the request of the Tour Member shall be at the Tour Member’s sole responsibility and ATTSB shall not be held responsible for any inconvenience caused or additional cost incurred resulting from such extension or deviation.

5. Deposit & Tour Payments

a. All deposits must be fully paid upon confirmation of the tour.

b. Structure of Deposit and Tour Payments are as per schedule below.

c. Deposit & Full Payment must be made in full as per the schedule below.

d. If full payment is not received within the stipulated 45 days before departure, ATTSB at its sole discretion reserves the right to forfeit the deposit and cancel the booking.

e. In the event a Tour Member would like to transfer his/her deposit to another departure date due to some unforseen reason, ATTSB will only allow a one time free rollover to a new date. A Second rollover request will subject to a penalty of RM 500 per person. The Tour Member requesting a rollover to a new departure may be subject to surcharge depending on the respective new departure date.

f. ATTSB allows a maximum of one (1) rollover of deposit which thereafter will be 100% forfeited.

g. Please note that all prices published at the time of booking are based on the current exchange rate of Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) with the US Dollar (USD), Euro, Swiss Franc (CHF), and Australian Dollar (AUD). Due to the volatility of the MYR exchange rate against these abovementioned currencies, the package price will be subjected to change upon full payment, 45 days before departure. ATTSB will keep all Tour Members informed in the event of any changes.


Package Price Deposit Amount Payable Deadline Full Payment Deadline Refund Value Admin Charges Travel Fair Booking Fee
Below RM 1999 RM 300 5 days after booking is confirmed 45 days before departure RM 150 RM 150 RM 150
RM 2000 – RM 3999 RM 500 5 days after booking is confirmed 45 days before departure RM 250 RM 250 RM 300
RM 4000 – RM 5999 RM 800 5 days after booking is confirmed 45 days before departure RM 500 RM 300 RM 400
RM 6000 – RM 7999 RM 1500 5 days after booking is confirmed 45 days before departure RM 1100 RM 400 RM 500
RM 8000 & Above RM 2500 5 days after booking is confirmed 45 days before departure RM 2000 RM 500 RM 700

Important Notes:

  • For Travel Fairs, e.g MATTA:-Booking Fees for Tours to be collected strictly during the fair. Tour Members will be given a further 3 days to pay the differential amount between the booking fee and the above mentioned stipulated deposit. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of booking fee.
  • For Travel Fair, e.g MATTA:- Full Payment is required for Air Tickets
  • Full refunds will only be allowed in the case of Death, Hospitalization & valid Medical Reasons supported by a Medical Report from a Private/Government Hospital (Medical Report from Clinics are not acceptable).

6. Cancellation & Cancellation Fees

a. Cancellation of bookings by the Tour Member must be made in writing or email to ATTSB Tour Department to avoid any miscommunication (email could be addressed to tours@amartravelandtours.com).

b. In the event the cancellation is done 50 days or more before the departure date, the deposit will be refunded less the stipulated administrative charges. (Please refer to the schedules above & below)

c. In the event that the booking is cancelled, the charges as per schedule below shall be imposed.

d. Request for refund of tour bookings that are eligible will be processed by ATTSB within 60 days from the date of the refund request.


Cancellation Charges / Fees    
Period Cancellation Charges Notes
50 days or more prior to departure Refund of Deposit Refer to Refund Value less administrative charges
35 – 49 days before departure Forfeiture of deposit  
26 – 34 days before departure 50% of tour fare  
20 – 25 days before departure 75% of the tour fare  
Less than 20 days before departure 100% of the tour fare  


7. Flight Timing and On Time Performance

a. Flight timings and schedules are not guaranteed and do not form part of the contract. All flight schedules are subjected to change or cancellation by the Airlines or Regulatory Body of the country. ATTSB shall use its best effort to rearrange the Tour or flight enabling The Member to proceed with the Tour.

b. Pursuant to item 7(a), ATTSB shall not be held liable or responsible for any cancellation or additional charges resulting from such change or cancellation of the flight schedule by the Airline or Regulatory Body.

c. Should the traveling dates (either Outbound or Inbound flight sector) is changed by the Tour Members / Tour Groups, it will be subject to each and individual Airline’s Group T&C, as the Worldwide Airlines T&C are varies from each other. Any restrictions and penalties are subject to each and individual Airline’s T&C.

8. Cancellation of Groups Series Departure

a. ATTSB reserves the right to cancel the group due to the following reasons.

i. Act of God, War, Strike, Riot or order from the Government of Malaysia and the Destination’s    Government.
ii. Insufficient number of passengers to form a minimum group size of 15-20 passengers, which to be notified 45 days before departure.
iii. Please consult ATTSB tour personnel before purchasing any domestic or connecting flight tickets at your own expenses. ATTSB shall not be held responsible for non-refundable air ticket purchased by the Tour Members, if Group Series Departure is not being materialized (Group Series Departure is cancelled).

b. Should item 8 (a) i & ii arise, ATTSB shall recommend alternative tours preferably to the same destination or other tours with similar tour price. Should the passenger decide not to accept the alternative arrangements, all monies paid will be refunded to the passengers.

c. Should item 8 (a) i be effected, the refund of the Tour Price to Tour Members will be in accordance to the Terms and Conditions imposed by the Airlines

d. The decision by ATTSB shall be final and conclusive and it is agreed that ATTSB shall not be held liable for any cost arising from such cancellation other than the refund of all sums paid by the Tour Member.

9. Tour Members Responsibilities

a. It is the Tour Members’ responsibility to ensure that they possess a valid International Passport with at least a minimum validity of 6 months from the date of departure and other relevant travel documents.

b. Copy of the passports must be emailed or faxed to ATTSB Tour Department staff upon making full payment 45 days before departure for the purpose of ensuring correct information in accordance to the passports when creating the flight reservations and issuance of tickets.

c. ATTSB will not be liable for any charges from the airline for ticket reissuance/amendment/refund/new issuance due to failure to comply with item 9 (a) & (b) and instead shall invoice the respective Tour Member for the additional charges (if any).

d. Tour Members are also responsible to ensure that they are cleared of being blacklisted by Regulatory Bodies such as Inland Revenue, Banks, Insolvency Department and other bodies which may restrict Tour Members from traveling abroad. ATTSB will not be responsible for any refund, change or deferment of travel resulting from such restrictions.

e. To obtain the necessary visa, health certificates and vaccinations in accordance with the requirements of the intended Country/Destination. Tour Members are encouraged to process their own visa. Where visa fees are included in the Tour Price, ATTSB Tour Department Staff will assist in the application. Under these circumstances, it is hereby agreed that ATTSB shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss of passport due to any reason whatsoever including but not limited to negligence on the part of ATTSB, its employees, agents and servants.

f. In the event that the Tour Members requested ATTSB to make the arrangements on Tourist Visa applications from the related Consular / Embassies, it is subject to approval and the visa fees are subject to change by the embassy, whereby it is beyond the control of ATTSB. In the event of any rejection of visa approval by the respective embassy which in turn causes the tour member not to be able to join the scheduled trip, ATTSB will not be liable and the normal cancellation charges will apply.

10. Travel Insurance

a. ATTSB strongly advises all Tour Members to purchase their travel insurance coverage for the duration of their tour. Our Tour Department Staff would be more than happy to offer the available plans for your selection. Depending on the plan, the coverage would include trip / tour cancellation / curtailment, accident, injury, illness, medical hospitalization, flight delay, baggage lost, etc.

b. Travel Insurance is mandatory as advised by Malaysian Travel & Tour Association. For the purpose of indemnification, in the event Tour Members already have insurance coverage or refuse to purchase insurance, Tour Members are required to sign a disclaimer statement to indemnify ATTSB for any unfortunate circumstances while on tour. Such indemnity form will be provided by our Tour Department for Tour Members completion prior to the departure of the tour.

11. Company’s Rights & Responsibilities

a. The Company and / or its associated agents act only as an agent for the transportation companies, hotel contractors and other principles. Tickets, vouchers and documents are issued subject to those terms and conditions under which their services are provided.

b. Tour Members participating in any tour organized by ATTSB and /or its associated agents shall be at their own risk. ATTSB and / or its associated agents, tour operators shall not be held liable to any person as a result of any of the followings:

i. Inaccuracy, misdescription or changes to any tour and its itinerary.
ii. Additional expenses due to delays or changes in any transport services, sickness, weather, strikes, war, quarantine or other causes.
iii. Any damages, loss of baggage/s or other personal effects or accidents. It is the responsibility of the Tour Members to claim from their respective insurance.
iv. Deportation or refusal of entry of Tour Members by Immigration Authorities due to possession of unlawful items or holding improper travel documents or any other causes which are considered as subversive by the local and foreign government concerned.

c. Difficult and uncooperative Tour Members whose actions and conduct are unreasonable and detrimental to the enjoyment, interest, well-being and safety of the other Tour Members and the smooth-running of the tour in general will be dealt with by the Tour Manager. The Tour Manager may require the difficult Tour Members to leave the tour and his / her decision in this respect is final and conclusive. ATTSB will not refund any uncompleted tour or part of the tour resulting from such dismissal.

12. Amendments of the Tour Itinerary by the Company

a. Information in the brochures/flyers is correct to the best of ATTSB’s knowledge at the time of print. ATTSB makes reasonable effort to avoid changes in the itinerary. However, ATTSB reserves the right to make changes at any time due to unforeseen circumstances, especially during peak periods or in the event of a force majeure.

b. ATTSB cannot guarantee that any item or amenity mentioned will always be available, especially where ATTSB has no direct control over it.

c. In the event of any inconsistency between the English version and the Malay translation of the information, the English version shall prevail.

Notwithstanding the place or country in which a course of action arises, it is expressly agreed hereto that all disputes or causes of actions shall at all times be commenced within the jurisdiction and territory of Malaysia.

Updated on Monday, 1st April 2019

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